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What Happened to Somi 10:1

What Happened to Somi...

9.17MB 1 Year ago
Where is Somi? 5:20

Where is Somi?...

4.88MB 7 Months ago
what happened to somi's comeback | anthracite 5:9
Why Somi Didn't Debut as ITZY 2:38
JYP Sent A 'MESSAGE' To Jeon Somi One Day Before She Had Joined YG ? 2:5
Just a newly-debuted rookie, why is Somi hated so much? 3:5
How The Black Label is Changing Somi 2:56
Somi Leaving JYP is a HUGE MISTAKE! | Kpop News 7:23
Why Jeon Somi Debut Failed To Continue To Chart Well In South Korea- The Kpop Tea ☕ 6:21
What Happened to IOI - Where Are They Now? 11:6
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